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Santa Cruz Student Coalition

The Santa Cruz Student Coalition (SCSC) is an organization located at the Santa Cruz Center that involves students in college and community activities. Many of these activities are linked to other community service groups in the region.

Every student at the Santa Cruz Center is part of the coalition and is encouraged to participate in all activities. There are just a few requirements to become an officer, obtain more benefits and join in the fun:

Maintain a GPA of 3.0
Fill out an officer application
Interview with the Student Coalition officers

Benefits of joining

Being a part of the Santa Cruz Student Coalition (SCSC) gives you a unique experience and bolsters both your volunteer and career skills. All SCSC officers, volunteers and members will improve interpersonal and intrapersonal attributes through real world experiences that expands your professional and networking abilities.

This experience can be transferred to future employment, scholarship applications, and many other opportunities that require competencies gained through extracurricular activities.


Mission Statement

The Santa Cruz Center encourages all Santa Cruz Center students to accomplish educational goals and provide service to their community as they build a successful future.