Santa Cruz County Organizations Participate with Arizona Governor for Border Discussions

Staff and members of the FPAA participated with other partner organizations to spend the day with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to talk about the great economic impact of the border for Arizona companies. The morning started with when the Governor met with FPAA members and participated in a tour of Del Campo Supreme to learn more about the produce industry.

The tour was followed by a community stakeholder event held at the Santa Cruz County Provisional Community College. During the stakeholder meeting, FPAA chairman Gonzalo Avila spoke about the importance of the cooperation between the FPAA, the Governor’s office, and other key state and federal organizations, including CBP. He also asked for the Governor’s ongoing support in promoting the Mariposa Port of Entry and the fact that it is the most efficient border crossing on the entire Southwest border. Gonzalo also asked for the Governor’s assistance in bringing additional Federal CBP staff to Arizona ports of entry. Other speakers at the event included Guillermo Valencia from the Greater Nogales Santa Cruz County Port Authority, Richard Rubin and Joel Philips from the manufacturing association, Index-Nogales, and Greg Lucero from Arizona Mining.

The Governor had an in-depth port tour at the Mariposa Port of Entry to learn about the new Unified Cargo Processing program where CBP and their counterparts at Mexican Customs are conducting joint inspections at the Mariposa Port. This program is providing great time and cost savings to companies eligible for the program and is an example of the types of innovative programs that Nogales is known for in order to more efficiently and effectively process legitimate goods and people.

FPAA board member Jaime Chamberlain opened his home to offer luncheon for Governor Ducey, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Roberta Jacobson, and members of the local community. Organizations at the luncheon included the FPAA, the Nogales U.S. Customs Brokers Association, Nogales Community Development, the Port Authority, the City of Nogales, Santa Cruz County, the Santa Cruz County Community College, the AZ Cattle Growers Association, and many more.

Thanks to everyone who participated to make this event a success as well as the partnering organizations involved in the planning and execution of the entire day. We would also like to thank Jaime Chamberlain who invited the Governor to visit Nogales and who spent countless hours working on this event to ensure it was successful for the entire community.