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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Provisional Community College District and how is it structured?

It is a viable higher education option for our local community. We are not yet accredited therefore we are sponsored by an accredited organization until we secure our own accreditation.

The U.S. peer evaluation system of accreditation is one in which institutions voluntarily participate in self-regulation and self evaluation developed to ensure overall educational quality and institutional effectiveness (The Commission’s complete Purpose Statement is available in Article I, section 2 of its Bylaws). The ACCJC accreditation process provides assurance to the public that the accredited member colleges meet the Standards; the education earned at the institutions is of value to the student who earned it; and employers, trade or profession-related licensing agencies, and other colleges and universities can accept a student’s credential as legitimate

Who is the accrediting organization for the Santa Cruz Center?

Beginning in 1980 the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors contracted Pima College to offer classes for county residents. From 2003 to 2017, the District Board contracted for educational services through an intergovernmental agreement with Cochise College in nearby Cochise County. Starting August 2017 Pima Community College will be back to Santa Cruz County to offer a variety courses here at the Santa Cruz Center.

How long does accreditation take?

The process takes approximately 7 years. The Santa Cruz Center’s CEO Dr. Perez was part of Coconino Community College when it was a provisional college. She brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the provisional accreditation process. We will begin the process in 2018.

Where is the Santa Cruz Center located?

The Santa Cruz Center is located at 2021 N. Grand Avenue in Nogales, AZ. The center is a modern facility. It is the only community college with a physical facility in Santa Cruz County.